Case Study

Mobile Based Payment Solution for Merchants

This module is used for payment on different place. All-in-one payments solution – no need to visit your bank for an internet merchant account.One can make payment by multiple mode as Debit/credit cards transactions, my wallet transactions. The merchant has online access to his account, where he can view his profile, change settings, manage merchandises, transactions and orders, receive technical support documentation, perform manual transactions using an online POS terminal, and capture and refund authorization transactions

Smart Card Reader Driver

Driver establishes a secure SRP tunnel with reader over bluetooth before sending smart card APDUs. Driver is pluggable into BlackBerry Smartcard reader framework integrated to work with various security operations like Smart Card based logon to device, sending secure email(S/MIME), accessing secure website needing Client Authentication (SSL/TLS), Digital Signing, Encryption/Decryption etc. Follows ISO 7816-4 standards FIPS compliant

Smartcard Integrated Web Browser

Smartcard enabled web browser is primarily used in highly secure environment where in order to access certain websites user needs to login using his credentials stored on Smartcard. This is called Client Authentication. None of the browsers on mobile currently support Smartcard based client authentication. This chromium based web browser is uniquely facilitating this feature on android.

Taxi Booking apps

The app interface featured a form which the user had to fill with details such as place of pickup, destination, etc. Leveraging GPS technology, the application would then automatically search for available cabs in the nearest area. You can save your favourite location like home, office etc, using app. We included a useful feature where in a user could select what sort of cab he/she required, including the ability to select AC or non AC cabs, size of the car (mini, sedan), seating required, etc. We incorporated a variety of payment option within the app, including credit card, online banking, PayPal and cash

Automation of OpenSSL compilation

In this we generate FIPS & non-FIPS OpenSSL libraries. We can integrate these library in our app to generate Openssl libs for ARM, ARMv7a, ARM64, x86, x86_64, MIPS & MIPS_64 platforms. You can generate libs for both android and ios mobile. It’s simple to use and integrate in our android and ios app. It is used for security purpose in our app. It’s command prompt based technology.

Pharmacy App for Doctors

In order to place a new order, doctors need to either choose a patient name and then place a new order or they can launch a new order form and choose the patient name from there. When doctor is placing an order and if the substance is a controlled one, app flow will ask doctor to scan the prescription from within the app. Scans & attach patient’s insurance card In order to raise a re-fill or re-order an earlier placed order, doctors can go to the order history and can re-order the same prescription. Order history maintained within app When doctor is adding a patient’s details, he would be asked to scan the insurance card to attach it with patient record. HIPAA compliant ePrescriptions.

To locate nearest clubs & bars

A user can find the clubs & bars nearest to his/her location on map view and list view. List shows your all nearest bars. User can find the best clubs and bar on the basis of distance and user ratings. User can view best offers on all clubs & bars and redeem them. User can manage his/her profile on the basic of Bronze, Silver & Gold levels. All levels have some features and offers. Bonus points added to user profile when an offer is availed.User can add his favourite clubs and bar in his profile.

A collaboration tool

It is an android based chat tool. Through which we can communicate with peoples. With the help of indiansq, one can create unlimited number of groups, broadcast lists and can add unlimited number of peoples in groups & broadcast lists. Features to share files (pdf, ppt, doc etc), audio, emojis and video also. It has an additional feature for corporate world which is called big broadcasting. Big broadcast is used to send messages in bulk, available on phone & desktop/laptop also.

Case Management Tool For Lawyers

To reduce paperwork load we have developed a software through which a lawyer can view any case details from any place or any time on his/her mobile,desktop or laptop. TheLawAssist is the solution. In which a lawyer can view cases for today, tomorrow & next week and can search any case. He can update our case anytime from anywhere. Generate Causelist for a specific date range Advance Search (keyword & date range)